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March 11, 2014





The 2014 FACSS-SciX Interview Series
Measuring the Size Distribution of Nanoparticles in the Environment
One of the most fundamental measurements to make of nanomaterials is to measure their size and concentration. Single-particle inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (spICP-MS) is one of the few analytical methods capable of detecting, counting, and sizing metal-containing nanoparticles at ultratrace levels in real-world samples. In this interview, Martin Hassellöv of the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden, talks about the current state of spICP-MS for nanoparticle measurements and his work to advance this method. MORE »
Raise Your Expectations
Introducing the new Agilent 7900 ICP-MS. The world’s bestselling 7700 quadrupole ICP-MS just got 10 times better.Experience the most powerful ICP-MS ever.
Featured News
TSI Acquires Enwave Optronics
TSI (Shoreview, Minnesota) has acquired the business assets and Raman spectroscopy technology of Enwave Optronics, Inc. (Irvine, California). Enwave has developed and commercialized a portfolio of precision Raman instruments over its 10-year history. MORE »
The 2014 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting & Exhibit features many new and emerging areas of materials research as well as an exciting mix of well-established and popular topics. With a record-breaking 57 technical symposia, more than 5600 oral and poster presentations, over 145 international exhibitors, and many special events, the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit offers attendees a wide-range of knowledge-building opportunities.www.mrs.org/spring2014
Gabriel Orsinger Wins 2014 Ocean Optics Young Investigator Award
Ocean Optics (Dunedin, Florida) has named Gabriel Orsinger of the University of Arizona (Tuscon, Arizona) as the winner of the 2014 Ocean Optics Young Investigator Award. The award is presented to a researcher who is a graduate student or has completed their graduate work in the last five years and is the primary author of the best juried paper submitted as part of the “Colloidal Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications IX” conference at the 2014 BiOS/Photonics West Symposium. MORE »
Editors' Series: Understanding the Underlying Mechanisms of ICP-OES and ICP-MS
On Demand Webcast
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Mike Doyle to Receive the Coblentz Society's 2014 Williams-Wright Award
Michael Doyle, a founder and CEO of Axiom Analytical (Tustin, California), and the president of Symbion Systems (Tustin, California), will receive this year’s Coblentz Society Williams-Wright Award. The award is presented annually to an industrial spectroscopist who has made significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy while working in industry. MORE »
Make the switch from Flame AAS to the Next Generation MP-AES Technology – Achieve safer, more cost effective elemental analysis for a wider range of applications
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Horiba Acquires Photon Technology International Business
Horiba Scientific (Edison, New Jersey) has acquired Photon Technology International (PTI) (Birmingham, New Jersey). PTI is a supplier of research spectrofluorometers, serving the university and research laboratories as well as industrial and biomedical markets. MORE »
Raise Your Expectations: Learn How the New Agilent 7900 ICP-MS Redefines ICP-MS Performance
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Call for Papers: Raman supplement (June 2014)
Spectroscopy magazine is seeking contributed manuscripts for its June 2014 supplement on Raman spectroscopy. Suitable papers will discuss recent advances in the methods or its applications. MORE »
Featured Articles
App of the month: Insensitive
This app is designed to simulate the quantum mechanical models that are used to describe nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments. The vector model, density matrix, and product operators of an ensemble of up to four spins-1/2 and two spin types are reportedly visualized. MORE »

Innovative Leaps in FTIR Technology – Introducing the Next Generation of Handheld FTIR for Non-Destructive Materials Analysis
Live Webinar:
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 9 am EDT/ 1 pm GMT/ 2 pm CET
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Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Biofilm Characterization
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is a powerful technique for identification and characterization of biological molecules and biomolecular organizations. In this review, the effort to use SERS for in situ molecular characterization of biofilms is discussed. MORE »

Innovative Leaps in FTIR Technology – Introducing the Next Generation of Handheld FTIR for Non-Destructive Materials Analysis
Live Webinar:
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 11 am PDT/ 1 pm CDT/ 2 pm EDT
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How to Select an ICP-MS System: Some Important Considerations
This article presents a set of evaluation guidelines — developed from the author's 20 years of experience demonstrating inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) and ICP–mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation and running customer samples — to help laboratory scientists make the right decision when selecting an ICP–MS instrument. It focuses on the evaluation process and the most important factors to consider rather than on how to compare the analytical performance of the instruments being evaluated. MORE »
Featured Products
On-line EDXRF process analyzer
Featuring advanced 3rd generation energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the Rigaku NEX OL represents the next evolution of process elemental analysis for liquid stream and fixed position web or coil applications. www.rigaku.com/products/process/nexol
ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer
The ChemReveal™ LIBS Desktop Analyzer offers rapid elemental analysis of solid materials. Based on advanced Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, the ChemReveal system is designed to analyze light elements (H, He, Li, Be...Mg, Al, etc.) and heavy metals simultaneously to determine bulk and trace element compositions.www.tsi.com/Chemlogix
The Flexible Raman System
The flexibility and class-leading performance of Renishaw's inVia microRaman system holds a unique position in the marketplace. It's available in multiple configurations, and is upgradable with a wide range of accessories.View Details.
Sample Prep of Antiperspirant Sticks Using SRC Technology
Broad consumer products in the cosmetic industry complicate the ability to find sample preparation conditions for trace metals analysis. This application note describes how Milestone's UltraWAVE digests difficult antiperspirant samples while simultaneously digesting additional sample types.Learn more
MB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer
Maintenance free FT-NIR spectrometer for R&D and QA/QC applications on polyols and derivatives with a set of pre-loaded calibration models for OH value determination in polyols. A true turnkey solution.www.abb.com/analytical
NEW INconX™ Mobile Status App
It's 10:00am, do you know what your Optima® ICP-OES is doing? Probably. 10:00pm? PerkinElmer's INconX Mobile Status App can tell you.  Download it now for free from the Apple® App Store or iTunes. Learn more
New Webcasts
Innovative Leaps in FTIR Technology – Introducing the Next Generation of Handheld FTIR for Non-Destructive Materials Analysis
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
9:00 AM EDT / 1PM GMT/ 2PM CET
Introducing the next generation of Handheld FTIR. This innovative design provides users with a much more reliable and easier to use platform for their on the go FTIR analysis. Sign Up Now>>
Editors’ Series: Prospects and Pitfalls in Metabolomics: From Study Designs to Interpreting Data in Biomedical Applications
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
11:00 AM EST
In this web seminar, Professor Oliver Fiehn of UC Davis will explain the importance of different steps in the metabolomic workflow and how to avoid the most dramatic pitfalls along the way — from defining a suitable hypothesis to choosing the most suitable analytical platforms, to interpreting the data — and all the steps in between. Sign Up Now>>
Innovative Leaps in FTIR Technology – Introducing the Next Generation of Handheld FTIR for Non-Destructive Materials Analysis
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
11:00 AM PDT/ 12:00 PM CDT/ 2:00 PM EDT
Introducing the next generation of Handheld FTIR. This innovative design provides users with a much more reliable and easier to use platform for their on the go FTIR analysis. Sign Up Now>>
Increasing Laboratory Efficiency through a Harmonized Compliance Solution
Tuesday, March 27, 2014
8:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 3:00 Pm GMT/ 4:00 PM CET
The risks and costs of managing an analytical laboratory in a regulated industry are numerous. Join this webcast to learn best practices to remain in compliance and continuously increase your laboratory productivity. Sign Up Now>>
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