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June 4, 2013





Featured Article
ICP-MS Analysis of Low-Level Beryllium in Urine
Beryllium, widely used in manufactured products, is a serious threat to human health, and long-term exposure to high levels can lead to incurable chronic beryllium disease. However, it is possible to achieve fast and sensitive measurements of beryllium levels in the urine of exposed workers using ICP-MS. MORE »
Reliable solutions for regulated pharmaceutical laboratories
Complying with new elemental impurity limits as defined by draft USP methods <232>/<233> could pose a significant challenge. You need to choose qualified hardware and software, ensure verification, and maintain electronic records. But there is a simple answer — Request a free copy of our primer on Elemental Impurity Analysis to learn more.
Featured News
USP Defers Implementation of Chapters <232> and <233> on Elemental Impurities
The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is deferring implementation of General Chapters <232> Elemental Impurities—Limits and <233> Elemental Impurities—Procedures.MORE »
Raman Spectroscopy of Oil Shale
Live Webcast: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT
Register Free at: www.spectroscopyonline.com/oilshale
Featured News
Mike Bradley Joins Spectroscopy's Editorial Advisory Board
Spectroscopy is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Bradley to its editorial advisory board.MORE »
How to Avoid Bad Data When Analyzing Routine QA/QC Industrial Samples Using ICP-OES and ICP-MS
Live Webcast: June 27, 2013 8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CEDT
Register Free at: www.spectroscopyonline.com/avoid
Featured Products
New benchtop, cryogen–free NMR
Pulsar™–new affordable benchtop, cryogen-free NMR spectrometer. Pulsar incorporates a 1.4T (60MHz proton resonance) rare-earth permanent magnet with superior homogeneity, providing outstanding spectral resolution, generating routine spectra in seconds.
New EDXRF for Elemental Analysis
Measure sodium (Na) through uranium (U) in solids, liquids, powders and alloys. New Rigaku NEX QC+ has SDD technology for unsurpassed elemental resolving power and superior light element performance.
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EMCO High Voltage Converters
The AG Series is a line of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters. These surface mount devices occupy < 0.10in3, and a profile of 0.128" above the host circuit board!
Time to reduce tough samples fast!
The McCrone mill :
  • Minimises sample damage and contamination
  • Ensures narrow range, reproducible, particle size
  • Has a 30 minute timer
  • Offers a choice of grinding elements
  • Grinds wet or dry
  • Is suitable for Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, Cement, Clay, Shale, Mica etc
For further information, please Click Here
New Webcast
Raman Spectroscopy of Oil Shale
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT
Oil shale consists of fossilized organic matter along with inorganic minerals. Raman imaging can spatially resolve those components and even identify specific crystal forms of the minerals.
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