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May 21, 2013





The 2013 FACSS-ScIX Awards: The Podcast Series
Advancing Laser Ablation Chemical Analysis
Rick Russo, the winner of the 2013 Lester W. Strock Award, is known for important advances in laser ablation for use in spectrochemical analysis. In a new interview, he talks about those developments, how his career developed, and what it’s like, as a research scientist, to lead a start-up company. MORE »
Advance Your Materials: The best materials analysis is about to get better
Do you perform R&D or QA/QC analysis of advanced materials such as coatings, thin films, solar or glass? Be among the first to learn how Agilent's soon-to-be released unique universal measurement spectrophotometer (UMS) will advance your materials analysis.View webinar and sneak-peak video.
Featured News
North American Society for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Now Part of FACSS and SciX
The 2013 meeting of NASLIBS will be held from September 29 to October 4 at the SciX conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (http://scixconference.org/). The program offers 11 sessions and extends for the duration of the conference. Session topics include data analysis from the Curiosity Mars Rover, quantification of LIBS results, new hardware and methodologies, hyphenated LIBS, and applications from forensics to industrial measurements.MORE »
Implementing Routine Elemental Speciation in Your Laboratory, in Readiness for Future Legislation
On Demand Webcast
Register Free at: www.spectroscopyonline.com/legislation
R. Graham Cooks Wins Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences
R. Graham Cooks, the Henry Bohn Hass Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana), is the recipient of the 2013 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences, conferred this year in chemical instrumentation.MORE »
Avoid the 483–Unconventional Approaches to Elevate Your Quality Program
Live Webcast: Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 8:00am PDT/ 11:00am EDT
Register Free at : www.spectroscopyonline.com/ramananalysis
B&W Tek Completes Series of Educational Videos
B&W Tek, Inc. (Newark, Delaware) has completed its first series of educational videos.MORE »
Raman Spectroscopy of Oil Shale
Live Webcast: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT
Register Free at : www.spectroscopyonline.com/oilshale
Gordon F. Kirkbright Bursary Award, 2014
Applications are invited for the 2014 Gordon Kirkbright Bursary Award, 2014.MORE »
Featured Products
Variable Angle Reflectance Accessory
The updated VeeMAX III from PIKE Technologies covers beam incidence range from 30-75 degrees and can be used for ATR  and specular reflection measurements of monolayers and thin films www.piketech.com/ATR-VeeMAX-TM-with-ATR.html
Benchtop WDXRF Elemental Analysis
Measure oxygen (O) through uranium (U) in solids, liquids, powders and alloys. Wavelength dispersive (WDXRF) technology for unsurpassed elemental resolving power and superior light element performance.
Avantes introduces our smallest instrument ever, the AvaSpec-Micro!
It measures only 38.5 ml, about the size of a matchbox. The Micro will make its worldwide debut at the Laser show in Munich, Germany (13-16 May).
This newest addition to the CompactLine family of spectrometers comes very recently after the launch of the AvaSpec-Mini. The new AvaSpec-Micro is only 30% of the size of the Mini.
We are at booth B2.261Read More
New Webcast
Implementing Routine Elemental Speciation in Your Laboratory, in Readiness for Future Legislation
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 4:00 pm BST
This Webinar will provide you with an understanding of elemental speciation analysis and how it may be readily implemented in your laboratory in response to future legislative demands.
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Avoid the 483 - Unconventional Approaches to Elevate Your Quality Program
Thursday, May 23, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT
Join us to learn more about unconventional approaches to enhance quality programs with the use of modern handheld technology.
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Raman Spectroscopy of Oil Shale
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT
Oil shale consists of fossilized organic matter along with inorganic minerals. Raman imaging can spatially resolve those components and even identify specific crystal forms of the minerals.
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