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June 12, 2012

New Podcast Series: The 2012 FACSS-SciX Awards
Tracking Molecular Transport in Chromatographic Particles with Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging
Justin Cooper and Joel Harris at the University of Utah are using single-molecule fluorescence imaging to study the dynamics of molecular transport within chromatographic stationary phases. Here is what they have found. MORE »
SAY GOODBYE to flammable and expensive gases.
SAY HELLO to the NEW Agilent 4100 MP-AES.
The Agilent 4100 Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer is the most significant advancement in atomic spectroscopy in decades. It runs entirely on air, which means your lab can perform unattended multi-element analyses while eliminating flammable and expensive gases. Watch this video to learn more about the Agilent 4100 MP-AES.
Featured News
University of Dundee Updates its Crystallography Facility with Rigaku System
The University of Dundee (Dundee City, Scotland) has updated its X-ray crystallopgraphy facility with an advanced automated protein crystallography system from Rigaku Americas Corporation (The Woodlands, Texas).
Introducing Xevo G2-S QTof - A new level of sensitivity
The Xevo G2-S QTof incorporates StepWave ion optics for unsurpassed levels of durable sensitivity, proven time-of-flight (QuanTof) technology that simultaneously delivers superior UPLC-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy, and speed of analysis as well as close integration with UltraPerformance LC. This is mass spectrometry at its very best
University of Nottingham to Be Base for World's First Liquid Surfaces X-Ray Machine
Through the provision of open access to industry, the University of Nottingham (Nottinghamshire, UK) will be the base for the world's first liquid phase photoelectron spectroscopy (LiPPS) machine.
Introducing Dramatically Different ICP-MS
With an all-new user-inspired design, advanced interference removal technology and increased throughput, the Thermo Scientific iCAP Q is a quantum leap in ICP-MS.  The iCAP Q is incredibly easy to use, exceptionally robust, and delivers class-leading performance —for total confidence in your results, whether you perform routine analyses or state-of-the-art research.
Access application notes, videos and request free safety glasses at www.thermoscientific.com/dramatic.
AB SCIEX and PREMIER Biosoft Collaborate to Advance Research in Lipidomics
PREMIER Biosoft (Palo Alto, California) entered into a marketing and reselling agreement with AB SCIEX (Framingham, Massachusetts) to help advance lipidomics research.
Dramatically Reduce Your Dilution Time and Errors
SPEX CertiPrep now offers a full line of Claritas PPT® Grade 1 PPM ICP-MS Standards. 1 PPM concentrations allow the chemist to perform a one-step dilution to PPB levels, saving time and decreasing dilution errors. Made using only the highest grade acids, water, and starting materials, you can ensure you are receiving an exceptionally pure, premium grade product. Click to view our extensive product offering
PhD Candidate Wins First Prize for Spectroscopic and Computational Study
Tao Chen, a PhD candidate from the Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Department at Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, New Jersey), has won the first prize and a cash award for his research presentation at the annual symposium of the Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York. Chen's winning presentation was titled "Spectroscopic and computational study of BPE adsorption on Ag/SiO2 as a function of silver oxidation and adsorbate coverage."
Food Photonics: Optical Techniques for Monitoring and Improving Food Quality
Live Webcast: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT
Register Free at http://spectroscopyonline.com/photonics
New Advion Award for Scientific Innovation in Mass Spectrometry
Advion (Ithica, New York) announced a new award for undergraduate students, masters and PhD candidates, and post-doctoral research associates who demonstrate scientific excellence within the field of mass spectrometry.
Featured Products
Benchtop Phase Analysis
2012 heralds the newest MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers. 5th generation MiniFlex is a general purpose X-ray diffractometer for performing qualitative / quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials. http://www.rigaku.com/products/xrd/miniflex
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Possibilities and Limitations of ICP Spectroscopy for Trace Analysis
Thursday, June 28, 2012
2:00 PM EDT
Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry comprises atomic emission (ICP-AES) and mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) techniques. Whereas the former appears to be more robust, the latter shows excellent limits of detection that may be close to the parts-per-trillion or parts-per-quadrillion level. However, matrix effects are an important issue in both cases. In ICP-AES, nonspectral interferences can arise from the sample introduction system and, thus, the mass of analyte and solvent reaching the plasma are a function of the sample composition. The plasma itself can also be considered as a source of these unwanted effects. In fact, the matrix can lead to degradation in the thermal characteristics of the plasma. In the case of ICP-MS, the sources of matrix effects are the same as in optical emission, but the MS interface is also very active as an origin of interferences. The so-called "space charge effects" and the spectral interferences seriously degrade the accuracy of the determination. All these phenomena, as well as possible remedies, will be discussed in the present seminar.
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