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February 11, 2011

Spectroscopy Spotlight
X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry: Ready for the Classroom
Charles Wu, Senior Research Scientist and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) Course Coordinator at the University of Western Ontario, discusses some of his experiences with XRF and his upcoming sessions at Pittcon 2011.
Featured Products
New Avaspec Sensline!
Avantes' new line of high performance, high sensitivity spectrometers is designed for customers with demanding applications. The SensLine features high quantum efficiency and back-thinned CCD detectors along with Avantes ultra-low Straylight optical bench. The initial products released in this line are the AvaSpec-ULS2048x16-USB2 and AvaSpec-ULS 2048x64-USB2. More info
Bruker ALPHA FT-IR Spectrometer
Compact and affordable, plug-and-play set-up, easy-to-use software, wide variety of QuickSnapTM sampling modules assure powerful and reliable FT-IR analysis that you expect from Bruker. http://www.brukeroptics.com/alpha.html
Pike Technologies
New PIKE Technologies catalog with accessories for FT-IR, NIR and UV-Vis spectrometers will be released in March. The catalog will include reflectance (ATR, specular/diffuse), and transmission products compatible with all spectrometers.www.piketech.com
Cone Recycling
Many of you have dozens of Ni and Cu cones sitting in boxes, drawers, and cabinets. Send them to us and we will recycle the material, returning credit dollars. www.SpectronUS.com
Question of the Month

Do you think X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry techniques should be taught at the college level?

A) Yes, the technique should be taught early on.

B) No, you can learn the techniques in the field.

C) Maybe in some courses.

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Last Week’s Results

Do you think terahertz techniques will ever have practical application in your work?

Yes, in the next 5 years
Yes, in the next 6-10 years
Maybe, but not until at least 10 years from now

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