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LCGC Europe - News Update
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3 April 2014
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The LCGC Blog: Diode Array Detector Settings - Five Minutes to Change Your Chromatography Forever
In this latest installation of The LCGC Blog, Tony Taylor shares tips on diode array detector settings and how to radically change the quality of your chromatography. He maintains that the benefits of getting the UV detector settings correct include improved signal to noise ratio, reduction in baseline drift, and improved qualitative data. More...
Streamline Your Drinking Water Extractions and Analysis
Recent advances in solid phase packing materials and new technologies in automating the extraction and concentration process are making the Drinking Water sample prep and analysis workflow a more robust, efficient process yielding higher throughput and more consistent results. To learn more Register for a free webinar May 7th, 2014 11:00 am EST.
GC in Forensic Laboratories
Tom Brettell, an associate professor of chemistry at Cedar Crest College, USA, recently conducted a survey of gas chromatography column use in forensic laboratories in the United States. Here is what he found, in terms of the types of columns they are using and the problems they face. More...
Solutions to Your Challenges in Ion Chromatography
We all know that chromatography is full of complexity. The Chromatography Solution Center is here to help. Check out this month’s installment of the Ion Chromatography section, featuring Practical and Popular Sample Prep Techniques for IC, Speciation Applications Summary IC, IC webinar, application note, white paper, and more. Learn more
LC–MS–MS Approach to Aid the Optimization of Biopharmaceutical Immunogenicity Assays
Scientists from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company have developed a novel approach for the simultaneous quantitation of neutralizing antibodies, residual drug, and human Immunoglobulin G (IgG) in immunogenicity assay development using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS–MS). This work published in Analytical Chemistry presents a new approach that aids the refinement of therapeutic protein neutralizing antibody assays in drug development. More...
Waters introduces the ACQUITY QDa Detector
The future is now separated from the past.  Imagine a lab where all analytical scientists can acquire high-quality mass spectral data. On their own. Within their existing workflows. Across every sample. Without training. Waters imagined just that and introduces the ACQUITY QDa Detector. Click Here
Current features
The Storage and Use of Gases for Gas Chromatography
This instalment discusses the storage and use of carrier and detector gases, gas filtration, and the means by which pressures are controlled on the way from the gas supplies to a gas chromatography (GC) instrument. More...
A New Frontier: NanoLC–NanoESI–MS in Astrobiology
Mike Callahan, an analytical chemist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Maryland, USA), led a team to develop a new nano LC–nano ESI–MS method to detect life’s building blocks in "spacedust". Callahan spoke to LCGC about the inspiration behind the project, the challenges of analyzing extraterrestrial material in the laboratory, and future directions. More...
HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analyses: Succeed with Sample Filtration and Optimized Water Quality
High Resolution MS Screening and Quantitation Method for Contaminants in Dietary Supplements
Editors’ Series: Investigating the Potential Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing on Private Well Water Quality
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CHROMacademy has developed the HPLC Troubleshooter with busy chromatographers in mind. Sponsored by Thermo Scientific, in 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues.  It’s completely free - so if you haven't tried our troubleshooter before you're in for a surprise! Click Here
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