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LCGC Europe - News Update
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27 March 2014
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Milton Lee on the Potential of Thermal Gradient Gas Chromatography (TGGC)
Thermal gradient gas chromatography (TGGC) was first developed in the 1960s to reduce the effects of peak broadening. With recent developments in technology, the technique is now being re-examined. In two new videos from LCGC TV, Milton L. Lee from Brigham Young University discusses the principles of TGGC, and the possible advantages of TGGC over traditional GC methods.
Speciality Gases from Linde HiQ
Linde has an extensive knowledge of speciality gas applications which gives a clear picture of the most widely requested and relevant gas mixtures. This helps effectively speed up your selection procedures. As many of our gas mixtures are for measurement and analysis instruments, our standard products are designed to be suitable for these applications. Examples are: direct read analyzers, gas chromatographs, HPLC and threshold monitors. Learn more
Katherine Ayers Wins Women Chemists Committee Rising Star Award 2014
The ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) has awarded a 2014 WCC Rising Star Award to Katherine Ayers, Director of Research for Proton OnSite (Connecticut, USA). The award recognizes exceptional early to mid-career women chemists from across all areas of chemistry on a national level. More...
Meet the MS Experts
Meet the Waters MS Experts and find out more about the technologies that power Waters MS Systems including MSE ­ the engine that drives MS performance, TriWave which gives you the highest selectivity, specificity and experimental versatility, ScanWave ­ for qualitative information when you need it most and StepWave which delivers class leading UPLC/MS/MS sensitivity. Learn more
Thermo Fisher Scientific Center for Multiplexed Proteomics at Harvard Medical School Established
Thermo Fisher Scientific (California, USA) and Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) have teamed up to establish the Thermo Fisher Scientific Center for Multiplexed Proteomics at Harvard Medical School. The facility has been set up for the development of new methods for protein quantitation, as well as the development of training courses to make expertise available to the wider community. More...
Practical Gas Chromatography from LCGC
We all know that chromatography is full of complexity. The Chromatography Solutions Center is here to help. This month in the Gas Chromatography section of the Solution Center, GC highlights getting outstanding performance for routine analyses, advanced capabilities and the flexibility to expand your capabilities or increase sample throughput. Learn more
Current features
Current Practices and Considerations for a Stability-Indicating Method in Pharmaceutical Analysis
In the pharmaceutical industry, the demonstration of drug substance (DS) or drug product (DP) stability over the shelf life is an important aspect of the regulatory requirements. To fulfill this requirement, a stability-indicating method (SIM) must be developed and validated to separate and quantify both the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and its related compounds (process impurities and degradation products). Characteristics and relevant considerations for the development and validation of a SIM are discussed in this article. More...
LC–MS-Based Methods for Identifying Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluids for Forensic Toxicology Applications
This article reviews key developments and potential advantages of using LC–MS for forensic toxicology, including the option of using oral fluid samples. More...
Featured Products
Daicel SFC chiral columns
Daicel’s new optimized 3-mm internal diameter columns are packed with 3-micron immobilized or coated chiral stationary phases and have been developed to work with the latest SFC instruments. For more information. click here
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Increasing Laboratory Efficiency through a Harmonized Compliance Solution
HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analyses: Succeed with Sample Filtration and Optimized Water Quality
High Resolution MS Screening and Quantitation Method for Contaminants in Dietary Supplements
Need GC Troubleshooting Help?

CHROMacademy announces the launch of the interactive GC Troubleshooter, sponsored by Thermo Scientific.
Building on the success of our ground breaking HPLC Troubleshooter, we are excited to announce the GC version.  In 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues.  It’s completely free - so if you haven't tried our troubleshooter before you're in for a surprise! Click Here
The Column
The Global E-zine for Separation Scientists
The global edition of The Column is delivered twice monthly with a screen-optimized format designed to improve readability. Covering topical issues, application-based articles, market reports, tips and tricks, opinion pieces and interviews, The Column is a great information resource helping readers achieve better day-to-day working practices.
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