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15 February 2013

In this Issue
Upping the Ante: Food Safety Training
The Column spoke to Janie Dubois, Laboratory Programme Manager at the International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL), about the training programme to boost the standard of food analysis to comply with internationally recognized food safety standards and US regulations. More...
APIX Technology Secures Rights to Nanoscale Technology for Gas Chromatography Miniaturization
Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX) (Grenoble, France) has teamed up with research organisations, CEA–Leti (Grenoble, France) and Caltech (California, USA). More...
Agilent Partners with Sera Prognostics to Target Pregnancy Complications
Agilent (California, USA) and Sera Prognostics (Utah, USA) have formed a strategic partnership to develop proteomic assays for the prediction of pregnancy complications. Sera Prognostics is a private biotechnology company that develops diagnostic tests for these risks. More...
Current features
Approaches for Extracting and Determining Additives, Contaminants and Low-Molecular-Weight By-Products in Synthetic Polymers
This instalment of Sample Preparation Perspectives focuses on approaches and techniques for extracting and concentrating small molecules of interest present in polymeric materials. More...
Inaccuracies in Quantification of Peptides – A Case Study Using Beta Endorphin Assay
Here, we present two possible sources of errors that may both contribute to significant inaccuracy in peptide assay methods: the filtration material (cellulose) used in sample clean up and the vial material (glass and plastic) used in liquid chromatographic analysis. This study is based on β-endorphin but has relevance for most peptide assays. More...
Adopting Dynamic and Lean Gas Chromatography Operations that Do More with Less
The CHROMacademy Essential Guide: GC Troubleshooting Masterclass
Mobile Measurement with Lab Quality Analysis When and Where You Need It
Need LC Troubleshooting Help?

CHROMacademy has developed the HPLC Troubleshooter with busy chromatographers in mind. Sponsored by Thermo Scientific, in 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues.  It’s completely free - so if you haven't tried our troubleshooter before you're in for a surprise!

Product Profiles
Agilent Technologies
Amplify Your Findings with CE/MS
Agilent CE/MS unites electrophoretic separation power and versatile MS performance into a fully integrated single-vendor solution. Using CE/MS as orthogonal technique provides greater insight into complex chromatographic challenges. Watch video to see how it works
Porvair Sciences
High Throughput Sample Clean-up.
The Microlute SPE sample preparation system from Porvair Sciences provides a faster, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high throughput sample clean-up.  Handling samples as small as 150µl the Microlute™ SPE sample preparation system helps you increase your assay sensitivity by providing pre-injection clean-up and concentration you can trust.
Read more
Nexera X2 – X-ceptional insights
Ultra-high sensitivity, expanded flexibility, increased stability and robustness - the new Nexera X2 UHPLC system targets routine analysis and applications in highly regulated environments demanding complex system setups. Read more
Merck Millipore
Achieve superior purity in your downstream process
Merck Millipore reversed phase sorbents and silica gels.
Read more
Event Profile
Agilent Technologies
Introducing the Agilent Science and Technology Symposium (ASTS) 2013
Join us on March 5 & 6 as we again provide you with expanded access to our scientific knowledge and portfolio of products and services. The two-day online event will allow you and your colleagues to access the benefits of the tradeshow experience from the comfort and convenience of your desk. During the event, you will be able to connect with Agilent experts and your industry colleagues simply by attending one or more of our nine live e-Seminars and participating in virtual networking opportunities. Register today!