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May 2, 2013
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Featured Article

HPLC Analysis of Very Polar Compounds
Highly polar compounds — such as small molecule pharmaceuticals, metabolites, and biomarkers — can be challenging to separate using traditional reversed-phase separation methods. Several alternatives are available, including hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC), aqueous normal phase (ANP) chromatography, and HPLC using ion-exchange, polar-embedded, or polar-endcapped columns. So which option should you choose? Joseph Pesek of San José State University explains the mechanisms, advantages, and disadvantages of these approaches. More...
Automated Direct to Vial Concentration and Evaporation is now available in many formats
The new FMS SuperVap family are  standalone automated waterless concentration/evaporation systems and are available in many vessel sizes 250ml, 60ml, 50ml, 40ml, 20ml, 2ml and 4ml to meet all of the laboratories needs. The SuperVap replaces older techniques and instruments such as KD, nitrogen blow down, water baths, rotary evaporators and automate existing manual evaporation/concentration processes by concentrating directly into a vial for final analysis. The concentration process is performed automatically and unattended producing excellent precision and recoveries in minutes. The SuperVap Automated Concentration System is built by design to simplify, improve and increase your productivity, lowering your labor costs and reduces errors.
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Featured News

Emily Hilder and Davy Guillarme join LCGC’s Editorial Advisory Board
LCGC is pleased to announce the additions of Emily Hilder and Davy Guillarme to its editorial advisory board. More...
Safeguard Precious Resources
Confidently safeguard our most precious resource with the widest range of high-quality, high-throughput analysis solutions for monitoring water quality. Agilent combines over 40 years of industry collaboration with the technical expertise and product leadership your lab needs to maximize uptime and reduce cost-per sample.
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Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm Launch New E-Directory for Analytical Instrumentation and More
Advanstar Communications (New York, New York) has announced the launch of the new Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International Marketplace eDirectory built on the online Credibility Review Business Marketplace platform developed by Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp. (Malibu, California). Advanstar Communications are the first B2B publishers to embrace the platform. More...
World-Class Biopharmaceutical Training for Academia and Industry
The National Institute for Bioprocessing, Research & Training (NIBRT) provides a “one stop shop” for thousands of trainees worldwide, and offers a dynamic catalogue of course content from which unique training solutions are built for clients. NIBRT delivers holistic training programs in a realistic GMP-simulated, fully operational manufacturing environment and cutting-edge analytical laboratory suite.
Get the most comprehensive overviews of the concepts, strategies and techniques – on all aspects of bioprocessing.
Agilent Announces Establishment of Asia Glycomics Eduction Center
Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California) has announced the establishment of the Asia Glycomics Education Center in South Korea, building on the recent collaboration with Chungham National University (Daejon, South Korea) through the university’s Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology (GRAST). More...
Perform Trace-Level Analysis With Confidence
Ensure a reliably inert GC flow path for higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility… especially at trace levels with the new Agilent Inert Flow Path Solutions. Get the poster.
Shimadzu Opens "Laboratory World" in Germany
Shimadzu officially opened a new laboratory building called “Laboratory World” at the company’s headquarters in Duisberg, Germany. More...
CHROMacademy Workshop: Understanding Practical HPLC
Join us June 10th & 11th in Princeton, NJ for a revolutionary approach to learning about HPLC. We have eliminated the traditional (and boring) approach to teaching HPLC, and created an exciting new way to learn about one of the most powerful techniques in the analytical laboratory. Register Now
GC Troubleshooting
Need Help With GC Troubleshooting?

A free interactive GC Troubleshooter is now available at CHROMacademy, sponsored by Thermo Scientific. In 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues. It's completely free. More.

Download LCGC's New E-Book- Innovations in Food Analysis
Whether you are conducting food safety testing, nutritional research, or product development, you need the latest methods. This new special issue is here to help by bringing together vital information on methods for food analysis. Learn more
Application Note
Fast Separation of Pharmaceutical Anions and Cations
Terri Christison, John E. Madden, Fei Pang, and Khalil Divan, Thermo Fisher Scientific

This application note demonstrates the advantages of using walk-up capillary ion chromatography for ultrafast separations of pharmaceutical relevant anions and cations. Identify and quantify inorganic impurities essential in drug development while using the benefits of an Always On, Always Ready IC system.
Read More.
New Webcasts
Editors' Series: Faster Gas Chromatography in Practice
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
11:00 AM EDT.
Want faster GC separations? Tune in to learn a convenient method for selecting the most appropriate route for speeding up specific GC applications.
Tips and Tricks on Screening and Confirmatory Methods for Residues and Contaminants in Foods
Tuesday, June18, 2013
11:00 AM EDT.
Tips and Tricks on Screening and Confirmatory Methods for Residues and Contaminants in Foods.
Editors’ Series: A Generic HPLC-UV Platform Method for Cleaning Verification
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
11:00 AM EDT.
Tune in to learn about the development and qualification of a simple, 10-min generic HPLC-UV gradient method for quantitative assays used in cleaning verification in a pharmaceutical environment.
Upcoming Events

5–8 May 2013
104th FEMA Annual Convention: The New Normal: Transparency & Collaboration
Palm Beach, FL
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8 May 2013
15th Annual Chemistry Event Symposium
Boston, MA
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12-16 May 2013
37th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and 10th GCxGC Symposium
Palm Springs, CA
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15-17 May 2013
The 44th ACS Central Regional Meeting
Mount Pleasant, MI
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16 May 2013
30th Triangle Chromatography Symposium
Raleigh, NCL
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19-24 May 2013
FOA 2013, International Symposium on Fundamentals of Adsorption
Baltimore, MD
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22–24 May 2013
FSEA Annual Spring Meeting and Technical Session
Clearwater Beach, FL
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6–7 June 2013
European Lab Automation 2013
Hamburg, Germany
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