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November 21, 2013
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Split Later and the Case of the Infinite Dilution Tube
Two concepts that were coined by Tony Taylor’s good friend John Hinshaw during a recent CHROMacademy webcast are presented together on sample introduction for capillary gas chromatography. Taylor provides a summary of what he learned during the webcast, and offers tips for successful trace analysis. More...
Convert from Helium to Hydrogen as a GC Carrier Gas
Learn how to convert from Helium to Hydrogen as a GC carrier gas, Hydrogen is much less expensive, can provide more rapid separations at lower temperatures than Helium, and provides longer column life. Hydrogen gas is obtained by the electrolysis of water and many laboratories supply it to the GC via an in-house H2 generator. DOWNLOAD this easy to use STEP by STEP Guide.
Featured News

Biosimilar Characterization Laboratory Opens in Austria
The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Biosimilar Characterization has opened at the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria). Co-funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family, and Youth, as well as the County of Salzburg through the Christian Doppler Society, the laboratory was established to develop and transfer to practice novel and more efficient methods to characterize the active ingredients in protein-based medicines. More...
LCGC launches new e-book, Five Keys to Successful GC Methods. Download here
Environmental Nanoparticles
Engineered nanoparticles released into the environment may affect the growth of agriculturally important crops, according to a new study published in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Scientists from The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (Connecticut, USA) investigated the effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and C60 fullerenes on plant growth. More...
Waters introduces the ACQUITY QDa Detector
The future is now separated from the past.  Imagine a lab where all analytical scientists can acquire high-quality mass spectral data. On their own. Within their existing workflows. Across every sample. Without training. Waters imagined just that and introduces the ACQUITY QDa Detector. Click Here
Featured Article

What's the Problem with the LLOQ? — A Case Study
Two methods of calculating the lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) disagree. Which, if either, is correct? Here’s how to evaluate a calibration curve and calculate the lower limit of calibration. More...
5 Years Free Access to CHROMacademy
To show our commitment to learning, we have decided to offer all university students and staff free access to CHROMacademy.  You are the future leaders and innovators of the scientific community, and by offering free access to CHROMacademy we hope to help you realize your potential.  This has been made possible by Agilent Technologies- the world’s premiere measurement company. Learn more
LC Troubleshooting

Need Help With LC Troubleshooting?
A free interactive LC Troubleshooter is now available at CHROMacademy, sponsored by Thermo Scientific. In 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues. It's completely free. More...
CHROMacademy LIVE on the web- Fundamentals of High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Live course starts January 9, 2014.  This course introduces the fundamentally important concepts associated with High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis including hardware basics, modes of analysis, basic troubleshooting, column chemistry, important parameters of the mobile phase such as amount and type of organic solvents, pH, buffer strength and type, and much more. Book your seat now!
Featured Products
Biocompatible Tubing for UHPLC
Upchurch Scientific® PEEK - Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) tubing withstands pressures to 17,400 psi (1,200 bar) for biocompatible UHPLC. Each pre-cut piece of 1/16” PLS tubing pre-assembled with two VHP-325 fittings is available with inner diameters from 25-254 µm.
Learn more!
Acrodisc® MS Syringe Filters
Pall’s 13 and 25 mm Acrodisc MS syringe filters are the first syringe filters LCMS certified for low extractables. They offer reliable, accurate results that lower the need for retesting. 
Learn more
Create a Customized SPE Method in Under 1 Minute
Receive a FREE sample of SPE when you create a customized SPE method using the SPE Method Development Tool. 
Read more
SEC-MALS Detector
Based on Wyatt Technology’s legacy of multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors, the DAWN HELEOS-II is the MALS detector with the greatest sensitivity for absolute molecular weight and size determinations of polymers and biopolymers in solution. The DAWN may be connected in series to any chromatographic system in order to determine absolute molar masses without the use of reference standards or column calibration. 
Learn more
New Webcast
Editors’ Series: Fundamentals, Optimization and Practical Aspects of UHPLC: Series 3:  Practical aspects of UHPLC
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
9:00 AM EST/ 2:00PM GMT/ 3:00PM CET.
A scientific, unbiased series of webinars on UHPLC. This three-part series of "must-attend" events for those who have heard about, or use UHPLC, and want to know more.
Special Section
Spotlight Event

Lab Compliance Week
Overcome GLP/GMP Challenges for Lab Compliance, Quality and Validation Professionals

Dec. 3-5, 2013
Philadelphia, PA

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