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September 24, 2013
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Chromatography Corner

Using HPLC–MS-MS to Detect Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Water
LCGC recently spoke with Edward T. Furlong of the Methods Research and Development Program at the National Water Quality Laboratory with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) about his group’s work on developing new methods to detect pharmaceutical contaminants in waterways.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Establishes Pesticide Analysis Center of Excellence
Government and industry laboratories worldwide have a new resource for improving methods for monitoring and measuring pesticides in food and the environment. The new Thermo Scientific Pesticide Analysis Center of Excellence has recently opened to help users apply the latest technology and expertise to challenging pesticide analysis in food and environmental laboratories. Build your Expertise Today.
Featured Article

Speciation Analysis of Mercury in Sediments by HPLC Using HPLC Hyphenated to Vapor Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Following Microwave-Assisted Extraction
A method using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled with vapor generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (VGAFS) has been developed for the separation and determination of mercury species in sediment samples. The method is based on the extraction of samples using 0.1% (v/v) 2-mercaptoethanol as the only extractant. The separation and determination of mercury species was achieved by direct injection of the extractant to the HPLC–VGAFS system.
Featured Product

Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Endura™ Mass Spectrometer
The TSQ Endura MS offers the ultimate in quantitative value, with LODs and LOQs unrivaled in its class. It does so with a simplicity that takes the worry out of method development and operation. Learn more
GC Troubleshooting

Need Help With GC Troubleshooting?

A free interactive GC Troubleshooter is now available at CHROMacademy, sponsored by Thermo Scientific. In 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues. It's completely free. Learn more.
Download LCGC's New E-Book: Innovations in Environmental Analysis
No matter what type of environmental testing you do, you need the latest methods. This new special issue is here to help, by bringing together vital information on methods for environmental analysis.
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Upcoming Webcasts

Editors’ Series: Optimizing Your Extraction by Removing Uncertainty
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
9:00 am EDT/ 2:00 PM BST/ 3:00 PM CEST
Optimization of the extraction process ensures better quality data. Is this statement really true? We will look at the evidence and present details on how to get the best out of the whole assay.
Editors’ Series: On Thick Ice: Continuous Flow Analysis of Polar Ice Cores Using FIC Coupled ICP-MS and Spectroscopic Techniques
Tuesday, October 17, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT
This web seminar will introduce the field of ice core research and will focus on the technical aspects of the chemical analysis with a particular emphasis on fast ion chromatography measurements of methane sulfonate, one of the more promising indicators of sea ice extent near the drill site.
Combining Next-Generation SPE and Solid Core LC Columns to Improve Results Quality and Workflow Efficiency in Regulated Bioanalysis
Thursday, October 31, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 15:00 GMT/ 16:00 CET
In this webinar, we will discuss how the combination of next-generation SPE technology and solid core LC columns delivers improved efficiency to regulated bioanalytical workflows. It will be demonstrated that the combination provides higher levels of cleanliness, reproducibility, throughput, sensitivity and quality of results, with lower failure rates.
Upcoming Events

25–28 September 2013
New Achievements in Chromatography – 19th International Symposium on Separation Sciences
Porec, Croatia
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6–9 October 2013
20th International Symposium on Electro- and Liquid- Phase-Separation Techniques(ITP2013)
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
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8–11 October 2013
XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Society of Chromatography & Related Techniques
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
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22–24 October 2013
Validation Week
San Diego, CA
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5–8 November 2013
RAFA 2013 6th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis
Prague, Czech Republic
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6–7 November 2013
Lab Innovations 2013
Birmingham, England
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18–20 November 2013
Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition
Somerset, NJ
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3–5 December 2013
QbD Quality by Design
Philadelphia, PA
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3–5 December 2013
Lab Compliance Week
Philadelphia, PA
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3–5 December 2013
Stability Testing, Part of Lab Compliance Week
Philadelphia, PA
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