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September 15, 2011
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Technology Forum

Software and Data Handling
Recent years have seen the emergence of smartphones and tablet computers, providing even greater convenience and connectivity to users. These and other technological developments are offering more opportunities than ever to the already wide-reaching field of chromatography software. We spoke to Mark Harnois, director of informatics product management at Waters Corporation, about where he sees the industry progressing.
The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive benchtop LC-MS/MS combines high-performance quadrupole precursor selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection to deliver high performance and tremendous versatility.  With a fast scan speed and multiplexing capabilities, the Q Exactive mass spectrometer is an outstanding detector for fast chromatography separation techniques.  Ideally suited for drug metabolism, proteomics, environmental analysis, food safety, toxicology and clinical research applications.
Featured News

PerkinElmer in Agreement to Acquire Caliper Life Sciences
PerkinElmer, (Waltham, Massachusetts), has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Caliper Life Sciences, (Hopkinton, Massachusetts), with the goal of uniting key technologies for imaging, detection, and sample preparation solutions, services, and expertise.
Application pre-tested, pre-configured GC and GC/MS Analyzers get you the results you need—fast. To help your lab get a new workflow up and running as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, Agilent has put together an extensive portfolio of application-ready Analyzer solutions. All come 100% ready-to-run, and include everything you need to produce high quality data—right from day one.
Clustering algorithm
A position-specific clustering algorithm has been developed that can outperform current model-based clustering methods and provide a fast and effective solution for peak matching in large label-free LC–MS data sets.
Applying Science to SPE
High quality sample preparation is fundamental for successful chromatographic analysis of your sample. The new Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE Applications Notebook is a complete desktop resource for all your chromatographic sample preparation needs.  Download the full HyperSep™ SPE Applications guide at to find out how you can simplify your sample matrix and maximize your analyte returns.
Market Profile

Separations in the Food Industry
The global food, beverage, and agriculture industry caters to the population of the entire world. Even though the food industry does not rely on analytical instrumentation to the same extent as perhaps other industries, the sheer size of the industry results in a considerable market for such instruments.
IFPAC®-2012 - The Twenty-Sixth International Forum and Exhibition
IFPAC-2012 is the essential meeting place for the latest developments in Process Analytical Technology...PAT and Quality by Design...QbD within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries. IFPAC is known as a collaborative forum to exchange ideas and network through panel discussions, evening sessions, and the exhibition. For over 25 years IFPAC has brought together industry, academia and government to discuss trends in technology, standards, and controls…View Article
Recent discussions on CHROMmunity, a Forum and Networking Site for Chromatographers

What is the normal requirement RSD for GC system suitability test?
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Hamilton HPLC Column Compound Application Index - Online!
Three easy steps and you have access to almost 1400 compounds that have been separated on Hamilton polymer-based HPLC columns

  • Compounds are listed alphabetically
  • Keyword search makes it even easier to get the chromatograms and separation conditions
  • Get valuable literature references
Check out the online Hamilton HPLC Column Compound Application Index today!
Featured Products

Unmatched Confidence for Quan/Qual Analyses
The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive benchtop LC-MS/MS is superbly suited to untargeted or targeted screening with high-confidence confirmation, but is equally capable of a broad range of qualitative and quantitative applications.
ViscoStar™ Differential Viscometer Detector
Wyatt Technology’s ViscoStar™ viscometer, is an on-line chromatography detector for determining specific and intrinsic viscosities. The ViscoStar has at least 2X the signal-to-noise of any product available on the market as well as a proprietary Transducer Protection System (TPS) that prevents accidental damage to sensitive transducer membranes.
GPC Quattro Sample Clean-up
Synchronized processing on 4 columns or 4 separate  programs on each column -maximizes your throughput and flexibility. The GPC Quattro is manual inject matched with robust functions and reproducible high recoveries. GPC_Quattro_Brochure_Web.pdf
Chromatographic Excellence at Nanoscale
Integrating perfectly with virtually any Nano-Flow system, Thermo Scientific EASY-Columns are fully biocompatible, metal-free, fused silica capillary columns. Precision cut and polished ends ensure zero dead-volumes, and testing of every column make EASY-Column™ the perfect choice for on-line Nano-LC/MS.

Upcoming Events

20–21 September 2011
2nd European GC x GC Symposium
Regensburg, Germany
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26–28 September 2011
1st International Symposium on Biophysical Characterization of Protein Therapeutics
Rockville, MD
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2–6 October 2011
FACSS 2011
Reno, NV
» Visit the website


8–12 October 2011
2nd International Laboratory Technology Conference & Exhibition (LABTECH 2011)
Manama, Bahrain
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