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May 19, 2011
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Technology Forum

Bioanalysis: LC–MS-MS, Sample Prep, and Dried Blood Spot Analysis
Bioanalysis uses a variety of separation techniques to analyze samples ranging from plasma and urine to dried blood spots. Participants in this Technology Forum are Ling Bei, Patrik Appelblad, and Dave Lentz of EMD Millipore; Nadine Boudreau of PharmaNet Canada; Diab Elmashni, Jeff Zonderman, and Simon Szwandt of Thermo Fisher Scientific; and Debadeep Bhattacharya of Waters Corporation.
Name your budget or application—the Agilent 1200 Infinity Series has you covered. From our affordable 1220 Infinity LC starting at just $15,000 to our cutting-edge 1290 Infinity LC, we have a solution that’s right for you. Plus, our most popular 1200 Infinity Series LC configurations are now available with a 3-5 year up-and-running guarantee. Read more.
Featured News

Health Sciences Unit Launched
LGC has launched a new business unit, Health Sciences, which combines the group's sport, food, consumer safety and pharmaceutical testing activities within a single entity.
KNAUER is now offering its PLATINblue UHPLC systems with the MSQ Plus mass detector in a special package deal. PLATINblue systems and the MSQ Plus are an ideal combination for high-throughput applications. For a limited-time only, the UHPLC-MS package is being offered at a very special price. Don’t miss out!
Performance Materials Supplier Acquired
American-based Avantor Performance Materials will acquire Polish Performance Materials Supplier (POCH S.A.).
Your brilliance. Our know-how. Collaborative Life Science.
It all joins forces at EMD Millipore. Now your organization can leverage the combined synergies of two leading Life Science companies – for deep insight and know-how along every step of the biotherapeutic value chain. Find out how at
Featured Vidcast

Using LC–MS with Online Sample Preparation to Survey Metabolites Formed In Vitrol
An Interview with Samuel Yang, University of Texas at Arlington.
Featured Products

EXP® Products for UHPLC
The EXP® Product Family offers hand-tight fittings, filters, traps and guards – rated to 20,000+ psi. This advanced system is the first design to provide reusable hand-tight connections and hand-tight cartridge replacement for UHPLC pressures.
Join us at ASMS Booth #103.
Read more
Absolute Molecular Weight Detector
The miniDAWN® TREOS™ is a multi-angle (three-angle) light scattering detector that can be coupled to any liquid chromatograph (HPLC/GPC/SEC/FPLC) or used off-line in a “micro-batch” mode for determining the absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers or biopolymers directly, without resorting to column calibration or reference standards. Read more
Torion’s New GC-TMS
Still the world’s fastest and most portable GC-TMS for all your field applications. A high-speed, EPC-controlled capillary gas chromatograph is combined with a new amplitude scanning toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer in a lightweight instrument that is portable, fast, reliable and easy to use.
Stop and see us at ASMS Booth #68. Read more
Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, 9th Edition
Experience the Advantages of the Largest Mass Spectral Library Ever Published!
The Wiley Registry is a must-have for any analytical laboratory. Applications include pathology, forensics & anywhere an unknown compound must be identified. or a known compound must be confirmed.
From the CHROMmunity Forum

Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines
Qualification of HPLC Instrument
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