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April 12, 2012
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Chromatography Corner

Using Multiple Analytical Techniques in Non-Targeted Analysis of Food Products
Traditional approaches for measuring food components are based on a ‘target list’ approach, whereby specific methodologies are developed for individual or related compounds. Such methods are well suited for routine monitoring but can fail to detect emerging contamination events or to identify new prospects for product development.
New Beginner's Guide to SPE (Solid-Phase Extraction)
Through diagrams and straightforward text, readers will understand the power and usefulness of solid-phase extraction, how it helps solve sample preparation challenges. The book covers many topics including SPE device formats, sorbent considerations, mobile phase selection, and troubleshooting. A must read for anyone starting out in analytical chromatography as well as seasoned chemists looking to add solid-phase extraction to their skills set. The book will be available in June. The first 50 requests will get a complimentary copy, register now.
Featured News

Schug to Lead New Shimadzu Center at UT Arlington
Kevin Schug, an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at The University of Texas (UT) at Arlington, has been named the university's new Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry.
Extend your insight with HDR
The new Agilent 1200 Infinity Series High Dynamic Range (HDR) DAD Solution is ideal for analyzing mixtures with widely different concentrations of main components in a single run. By computing the signals of two diode array detectors (DAD) with Max-Light flow cells of different path lengths, you can achieve a 30x wider linear UV range and up to 30x higher sensitivity.
Thermo Fisher Launches European Seminar Series
Thermo Fisher (Waltham, Massachusetts) has launched a seminar series, "New Frontiers in Water Analysis," which is scheduled for major European cities now through December 2012.
ROXY EC in Protein Chemistry
Antec's ROXY EC is increasingly used in protein chemistry and proteomics applications. Simply by using an electrochemical reactor cell the introduced proteins/peptides undergo specific reactions such as: reduction of disulfide bonds in seconds, resulting in superior assessment of S-S bonds in biopharmaceuticals. Fast on-line de-clustering (salt removal) of proteins/peptides or drug-protein binding studies are other examples illustrating the power of electrochemistry up-front MS. Read more
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Acquires Blue Ocean Biomedical
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (Indianapolis, Indiana) has acquired Blue Ocean Biomedical, LLC, a Pembroke Pines, Florida-based manufacturer of automated flow cytometry systems and reagents.
Hamilton HPLC Column Compound Application Index - Online!
Three clicks and you have access to the growing list of almost 1400 compounds that can be separated on Hamilton polymer-based HPLC columns.
  • Compounds listed alphabetically
  • Keyword search makes it easy to get chromatograms and separation conditions
  • Receive helpful literature references
Try the HPLC Column Application Index today!
Recent discussions on CHROMmunity, a Forum and Networking Site for Chromatographers

Field Forensic's SPME Fiber Conditioner
Join in the conversation. Free Registration.>>
Upcoming Webcasts

Sample Preparation in Food Analysis: Methods, Strategies, and Best Practices
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
This web seminar will address the topic of sample preparation strategies and techniques in food analysis in a holistic manner, covering topics such as sample homogeneity, extraction modalities, and isolation of compounds of interest, with a focus on practical examples rather than theory.
Advantages of GC-based Multidimensional Chromatography for Food Analysis
Wednesday, April 26, 2012
10:00 AM EDT
This educational web seminar will cover the use of heart-cutting multidimensional GC and LC-GC, as well as comprehensive GC (GC×GC) and LC-GC (LC×GC) in the food analysis.
Successful UHPLC—Build on the Basics
Wednesday, May 2, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
This webinar will instruct laboratory users of UHPLC systems on basic—yet often overlooked—best practices for maximizing fluidic performance with tubing, fittings and rotary valves.
LC/MS/MS Solutions to Quantify Adulterants and Contaminants in Food and Environmental Samples
Thursday, May 3, 2012
2:00 PM CEST (Paris)
The webinar will show how AB SCIEX are working together with Phenomenex to provide solutions to the Food and environmental industry, combining column technology from Phenomenex with AB SCIEX hardware.
The Chemistry of Solid Phase Extraction
Wednesday, May 8, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
This tutorial webcast will cover the basics of using solid-phase extraction sorbents, including explanations of how reversed-phase, normal phase, ion exchange, and mixed mode sorbents work, and how to use them.
Increased Throughput for Trace Impurities and Residual Solvent Determination with Unattended Liquid/Headspace
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
In this webinar, we will present the use of an innovative robotic autosampling platform which possesses the ability to automatically switch from liquid to headspace mode and use different syringe volumes in the same run or sequence onto a single GC.
Upcoming Events

16 –17 April
Integrating Analytical Instrument Qualification and Computerized System Validation
Prague, Czech Republic
» Visit the website
18–20 April
Maximizing HPLC Productivity
Prague, Czech Republic
» Visit the website
19–20 April
Cleaning Validation
Budapest, Hungary
» Visit the website
1–3 May
New York, NY
» Visit the website
13–16 May
ISSF 2012, International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids
San Francisco, CA
» Visit the website
20–24 May
60th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
» Visit the website

16–21 June
37th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2012)
Anaheim, CA
» Visit the website

15–18 July
PREP 2012 International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography
Boston, MA
» Visit the website
12–17 August
XXI International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) 2012
Cancun, Mexico
» Visit the website
9–13 September
29th International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC)
Torun, Poland
» Visit the website
11–14 September
9th Symposium on the Practical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Biotechnology Industry (Mass Spec 2012)
San Diego, CA
» Visit the website
30 September–3 October
International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques (SPICA 2012)
Brussels, Belgium
» Visit the website
30 September–4 October
CE in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries: 14th Symposium on the Practical Applications for the Analysis of Proteins, Nucleotides, and Small Molecules
Scottsdale, AZ
» Visit the website
5–9 October
Mass Spectrometry in Food Safety and Quality
Pacific Grove, CA
» Visit the website
21–24 October
4th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization
Houston, Texas
» Visit the website
26–30 November
Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibition
Boston, MA
» Visit the website

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