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March 8, 2012
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Chromatography Corner

The 2012 LCGC Awards
The results are in for 2012 LCGC Awards, and we are proud to announce the winners: the Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award is granted to Lloyd Snyder, and the Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award is presented to Emily Hilder. In achieving this honor, they join a group of illustrious past winners.
SPE made easy
Looking to analyze different types of compounds? The Oasis 2x4 Method is a simple, logical approach for selecting the ideal SPE sorbent for your application. Watch this informative video to learn how to achieve maximum selectivity, sensitivity, and recovery. Watch Video.
Featured News

LCGC 2012 Emerging Leader in Chromatography: Emily Hilder
Emily Hilder, the winner of the LGCC North America 2012 Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award and a professor of chemistry at the University of Tasmania (Hobart, Australia), talks about her work combining chromatographic and electrophoretic separation mechanisms, the most important lessons she learned in graduate school, and what she plans to tackle next.
Moving? Trust Agilent Relocation Services for a safe, seamless move
When you're relocating your laboratory, every move you make it critical. For more than a decade, Agilent has performed scientific equipment moves and laboratory relocation services for a variety of companies, from R&D facilities and accredited labs to regulated pharmaceutical companies. So whether you need to relocate a single instrument or your entire lab, across the hall or across the country, choosing Agilent should be the first move you make. Start now by requesting a relocation consultation.
Lloyd Snyder Receives the 2012 LCGC North America Lifetime Achievement Award
LCGC North America has awarded its 2012 Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award to Lloyd Snyder, a man who has made countless contributions to the field of chromatography.
Optimize UHPLC with ZORBAX Columns
Engineered for Fast LC, Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD)) columns are stable to 1200 bar, so you have more flexibility with flow rates and mobile phases. Refine your separation with 13 different phases, including HILIC, plus 300 configurations for proteins and peptides. Access RRHD application notes for pharma, biopharma, food and environmental methods.
Lifetime Achievement Award to Milos Novotny
The LCGC Europe 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award has been awarded to Professor Milos V. Novotny of Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana), USA.
Chirality 2012 in Ft. Worth, TX
The 24th International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination will take place in Fort Worth, Texas on June 10-13, 2012. This conference features recent developments in chiral separations, spectroscopy, and synthesis. Plenary lecturers will be E. J. Corey and Ronald Breslow. A special session on chiral drug development will be featured. An employment forum and short courses will be offered. See the website at for details.
Featured Products

MMS-1000 Miniature Mass Spectrometer
The MMS-1000 is a next generation, affordable, miniature ion trap mass spectrometer with MS/MS capability, small benchtop footprint, high sensitivity, and wide mass range (20 450 amu).Read more.
Tosoh Bioscience at Pittcon booth 1119
Let's discuss the EcoSEC GPC System and our TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ semi-micro GPC columns. The EcoSEC GPC System delivers unsurpassed efficiency, reliability, and reproducibility with a two year warranty. Read more.
Recent discussions on CHROMmunity, a Forum and Networking Site for Chromatographers

Question on the LC Autosampler Tutorial on Chromacademy: Flow Diagram
Join in the conversation. Free Registration.>>
Upcoming Webcasts

Improving Laboratory Productivity and Uptime with a New Modular Approach to Gas Chromatographic Design
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
11:00 AM EST
In this webinar, a new approach to the design of GC instrumentation will be presented to overcome current limitations shown by most gas chromatographs in the industry.
Understanding Laboratory Water Purification
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
11:00 AM Central European Time
This webcast will provide practical information about laboratory water contaminants, how these can affect your experiments, and how different water purification processes are combined to produce purified water suitable for specific types of laboratory work.
The CHROMacademy Essential Guide to HPLC Troubleshooting: Autosampler, Column and Detector Issues
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
11:00 AM EDT; 16:00 GMT
The Essential Guide from LCGCs CHROMacademy presents the second in our series of webcasts on Practical HPLC Troubleshooting. In this session, Dr. Kevin Schug (Associate Professor, University of Texas, at Arlington) and Scott Fletcher (Technical Manager, Crawford Scientific), present practical troubleshooting and maintenance information associated with HPLC autosamplers, columns and detectors.
Molecular Imaging with MALDI Mass Spectrometry
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
Label-free molecular imaging of tissue sections offers unique benefits and challenges for understanding biological processes. Learn how new tools for MALDI imaging mass spectrometry are being applied to learn more from clinical samples.
Upcoming Events

11–15 March
The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon 2012)
Orlando, FL
» Visit the website
25–29 March
243rd ACS National Meeting and Exposition
San Diego, CA
» Visit the website
26–29 March
9th Annual DoD Environmental Monitoring & Data Quality Workshop
San Diego, CA
» Visit the website
27–29 March
ProteoMMX 2.0...Strictly Quantitative
Chester, UK
» Visit the website
28–30 March
14th International Trade Fair of Analytical, Measurement and Control Technology EuroLab 2012
Warsaw, Poland
» Visit the website
1316 May
ISSF 2012, International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids
San Francisco, CA
» Visit the website
1621 June
37th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2012)
Anaheim, CA
» Visit the website
1518 July
PREP 2012 International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography
Boston, MA
» Visit the website
913 September
29th International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC)
Torun, Poland
» Visit the website
30 September–3 October
International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques (SPICA 2012)
Brussels, Belgium
» Visit the website
1519 October
22nd Annual Quality Assurance Conference
Dallas, TX
» Visit the website


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