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February 11, 2011
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Chromatography Corner

The Secrets of Electrospray Ionization: Why Less is More
For this month’s Chromatography Corner, we spoke to Kevin Schug of the University of Texas at Arlington. Schug addresses a few myths that surround electrospray ionization (ESI), including why “less is more” for successful separations. Schug will be speaking on this topic in a CHROMacademy webcast on February 24, 2011.
Automated One Step Direct to Vial Concentration and Evaporation. Do You Want a Cost Effective Replacement For Your Existing Concentration and Evaporation Techniques?
The FMS PowerVap is a standalone automated waterless concentration/evaporation system that replaces older techniques and instruments such as KD, nitrogen blow down, water baths and automates existing manual evaporation/concentration processes by concentrating directly into a vial for final analysis. The concentration process is performed automatically and unattended producing excellent precision and recoveries in minutes. The PowerVap Automated One Step Concentration System is built by design to simplify, improve and increase your productivity, lowering your labor costs and reduces errors. Click here for more information
Market Profile

Ion Chromatography
Ion chromatography (IC) is a similar technique to HPLC except that the detector of choice is usually a conductivity detector. IC is well suited for the analysis of a variety of inorganic and organic anions and cations.
Reports from the Waters Bioanalysis World Tour
At APA and AAPS last year, Waters gathered some of the brightest minds in bioanalysis to discuss the impact and opportunities made available with recent advances in LC/MS technologies. Read reports from these special events written by the Bioanalysis Journal and look for future symposia dates at.
Featured Application Notes

Complementary Selectivities of Kinetex® Core-Shell Phases: C18, XB-C18, C8 and PFP
Further research and product development of Kinetex core-shell media has led to the introduction of two additional bonded phases, Kinetex XB-C18 and Kinetex C8. These new phases offer complementary selectivities to the existing Kinetex phases (C18, PFP, and HILIC) giving chromatographers additional solutions for their ultra-high performance separations.

Empower 3 Chromatography Software: New Tools and Calculation Capabilities to Enhance Productivity Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST
Waters® Empower™ 3 is the latest version of Waters’ chromatography software suite that provides several usability and workflow enhancements that will help improve laboratory productivity. Attendees of this webinar will learn about key features and benefits of Empower 3. Register Free
Featured Products

Next Generation Analytical SFC
Aurora SFC-FusionTM A5 is a next generation analytical SFC module that can convert an LC into a high performance SFC. SFC has gained acceptance as a fast, high efficiency way to separate chiral and achiral pharmaceuticals.
Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, 9th Edition
The Wiley Registry is a must-have for any analytical laboratory. Applications include pathology, forensics, and anywhere an unknown compound must be identifie or a known compound must be confirmed.
Wyatt Technology’s New Möbius
To measure electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential of proteins, nanoparticles and macromolecules as small as 1 nm, we crank up the sensitivity. Sadly, others crank up the voltage.
Resetting the Standard in LC Autosampling
Leading supplier, Spark Holland, has introduced the INTEGRITYTM autosampler - setting a new standard in sample care. Packed with features, INTEGRITYTM has been designed for optimum care of precious samples.
NQAD HPLC Detector
Quant Technologies' NQAD detectors are designed to be used with any manufacturer's HPLC, UHPLC, and SFC systems. According to the company, NQADs offer sensitivity down to sub-nanogram levels, a wide dynamic range, unrivaled precision, and broad applicability all in a single detector. Visit us at Pittcon booth #1267.
Recent discussions on CHROMmunity, a Forum and Networking Site for Chromatographers

Urgent: DryLab software is wanted in UK?
The CHROMmunity proudly presents...YOU!
From the CHROMmunity BLOGS
A Novel Separation of trans FAMEs Using the SLB-IL-111 GC Capillary Columns
Join in the conversation. Free Registration.>>

Upcoming Events

13–18 March 2011
Pittcon 2011: The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
Atlanta, GA.
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29–31 March 2011
New York, NY.
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5–9 June 2011
59th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry
Denver, CO.
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