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Contemporary Pediatrics eConsult

Contemporary Pediatrics eConsult

October 13, 2011


Common alternative vaccine schedules mean underimmunization of children

Now more than ever you are on the front lines in the battle to get children immunized against dangerous diseases. More than 1 in 8 parents have adopted an alternative vaccination schedule for their children, with almost twice that number saying they do not believe the government’s recommended schedule is the best one to follow. You might be shocked to find out how dramatically risk increases when even 1 scheduled vaccine is skipped. » More


Tread lightly when addressing obesity now to save health, financial costs later

Addressing health issues affecting your obese patients now instead of waiting until they develop medical conditions later can help save $3 billion in US health costs a year. But you have to be careful how you discuss children’s obesity issues with their parents. What are the terms most likely to be accepted, understood, and acted on? » More


According to the latest Medical Group Management Association survey, there has been a slight drop in the cost of operating expenses and a slight rise in revenues for pediatric practices. Contemporary Pediatrics would like to know: How's your bottom line?

Better than last year
Worse than last year
About the same as last year

Last month we asked if you have seen a rise in the incidence of STIs in your younger than 16-year-old patients. Here’s what you told us.


Vitamin D could be a new weapon against severe asthma

A potential new weapon against acute asthma is readily available and inexpensive and has few adverse effects if taken in the correct dosage. Pediatricians could soon be adding vitamin D supplementation to their asthma-fighting arsenals. Find out why researchers believe vitamin supplementation can be effective in treating severe, therapy-resistant asthma. » More


Circumcision policy should be revisited, according
to commentary in JAMA

At a time when 18 states are seeking to eliminate Medicaid coverage for circumcision of newborn males and at least 1 city sought to ban the practice, an editorial published in a leading medical journal says that such efforts are wrongheaded and that more should be done to promote the procedure. The authors maintain that hundreds of studies in the last 5 years document the benefits of circumcision. What did those studies find, and should neutral pediatric guidelines be changed? » More


Febrile seizures caused by hyperventilation, not illness severity

Pediatricians commonly get the panicked call or visit from parents who have witnessed a febrile seizure and are convinced their child’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. Here’s something that can help calm them down: Febrile seizures appear to have more to do with hyperventilation than the severity of the illness. Why do researchers believe that, and what illnesses are more and less likely to set off seizures in young children? » More

Teens’ sleep deprivation could affect brain development

Most US teenagers are sleep deprived—nearly 70% do not get 8 or more hours of sleep a night. Now, new research suggests that the implications of that may be more significant than simply parents being kept awake by late-night tapping on mobile phones or even by groggy teens nodding off in class. What did a study in mice find out about how short-term sleep restriction can affect the balance between growth and depletion of brain synapses? » More

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