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October 18, 2011

Technology Forum
Lasers and Photonics
Lasers are becoming of increasing importance in many spectroscopic techniques, including Raman spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, and terahertz spectroscopy. Participants in this Technology Forum are Naoto Akikusa of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. and Richard. C. (Dick) Wieboldt of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Featured Products
Do you need Sample Reduction down to 4-5µm?
The McCrone Micronising mill is widely acknowledged to be one of the most effective means of reducing sample material down to sub-micron sizes suitable for XRD, XRF, Infra-Red spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption Analysis. What makes it so effective is the unique grinding action of the cylinders producing both liner grinding and planar shearing.
For further information please visit www.mccrone.co.uk
Miniature, Precision Regulated HV Modules
The C and CA series provide clean and reliable high voltage in a shielded, pc mount package.
Visit: emcohighvoltage.com

WITec Introduces "True Surface Microscopy"
WITec´s True Surface Microscopy mode allows confocal Raman imaging along heavily inclined or very rough samples with the true surface held in constant focus while maintaining the highest confocality. www.witec.de/en/company/witecnews/news.php?id=54

iRaman High Resolution Raman Spectrometer
The iRaman is a high resolution TE Cooled Raman Spectrometer unique for its high resolution combined with field-portability, weighing less than 7lbs.  It offers 532, 785, and 830nm excitation wavelengths.
Raman Mini-spectrometer
Hamamatsu’s new C11713CA and C11714CA mini-spectrometers offer 0.3 nm spectral resolution and high throughput for Raman spectroscopy and SERS. The C11713CA and C11714CA are sensitive to 500-600 nm and 790-920 nm, respectively.
We offer very high performance dichroic mirrors that let you take pictures like this.
Our hard dielectric coatings are state of the art. We can custom-manufacture filters to your specifications (prototype to volume production).
Raman analyzer
The EZRaman-1-9 portable Raman analyzer from Enwave Optronics is designed to minimize fluorescence and maximize capability of Raman analysis in difficult-to-measure samples. According to the company, the analyzer’s excitation wavelength is above 900 nm. Enwave Optronics, Inc., Irvine, CA;
Featured News
Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium Brings Together Theory and Applications
With 95 attendees, the 8th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium, organized by WITec (Ulm, Germany), took place in Ulm, Germany, on October 5 and 6, 2011. Over the years, the symposium has evolved to become an important venue for the discussion of the latest developments in high-resolution Raman imaging.
FACSS Conference Changes Its Name to SCIX
The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS, Santa Fe, New Mexico) has changed the name of its 38-year-old annual conference from the eponymous FACSS to SCIX, with the tagline “The Great Scientific Exchange.”
Upcoming Webcasts
RF-GD-OES: A Complementary Technique to SIMS for Depth Profile Analysis
Wednesday, October 20, 2011
11:00 AM EDT
This web seminar will discuss the use of radiofrequency glow discharge coupled to optical emission spectrometry (RF-GD-OES) for depth profile analysis of conductive and nonconductive coatings, films, layers, and substrates, focusing on semiconductor and photovoltaic applications. The seminar will also focus on a comparison of RF-GD-OES with SIMS, showing how these two techniques are complementary.
FT-IR as a Process Analytical Tool for Process Understanding and Control
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
11:00 AM EDT
This presentation will discuss applications of FT-IR technology in the development and process implementation of chemical processes. Applications will include the impact on quality control, reaction process development and optimization, use of Arrhenius’s law, crystal form monitoring, and fermentation monitoring.
Raman Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing
Thursday, November 10, 2011
11:00 AM EST
This session will discuss applications of Raman spectroscopy in pharmaceutical development as well as in the manufacturing of both active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products.
Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging in Biomedical Research
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
11:00 AM EST
This webinar will take the audience through the basic principles of the technique, how measurements are made and finally to some of the novel and innovative applications currently in cell research applied to biomedicine.
Question of the Week

Which types of lasers are used in your laboratory?

A) Gas
B) Chemical
C) Dye
D) Metal vapor
E) Solid state
F) Semiconductor
G) Other

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Last Week's Results

How much do time- and money-saving systems or methods matter in your lab?

Both are important considerations
Neither cost nor time savings are factors, only the quality of the results obtained
Time savings is the primary factor
Cost is the primary factor
Upcoming Events
30 October – 2 November
17th Microoptics Conference (MOC'11)
Sendai, Japan
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31 October– 1 November
22nd International Light Scattering Colloquium
Santa Barbara, CA
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13 – 19 November
11th International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA 2011)
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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14 – 16 November
Eastern Analytical Symposium
Somerset, NJ
Visit the website
14 – 18, January 2012
MSACL 2012 – Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab
San Diego, CA
Visit the website
22-25 January 2012
IFPAC®-2010, The Twenty-Sixth International Forum and Exhibition
Baltimore, MD
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