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June 21, 2013
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Featured Article

Security Vetting: Detecting Medicine Residues in Meat
The Column spoke to John Points from LGC about analyzing veterinary residues in the food chain, the role of the National Reference Laboratory, and recent food scares in the media. In this interview, Points discusses current rules and regulations, analytical methods, and technical challenges in food analysis. More...
Succeed from Sample Prep to Preparation
Agilent offers a complete portfolio of Fast LC columns—conventional HPLC or UHPLC and biocolumns in reversed phase, size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity—plus the sample prep chemistries you need to perfect your analysis. Bring your separations together with Agilent LC tools and resources at.
Featured News

Joseph Jack Kirkland Presented with Uwe D. Neue Award at HPLC 2013
The first Uwe D. Neue Award was presented at HPLC 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Joseph Jack Kirkland on June 18, 2013. More...
Ultimate Efficiency and Resolution
CORTECS Columns herald an unprecedented level of efficiency and sensitivity for UPLC® Columns. Featuring a new 1.6 µm silica-based solid-core particle and ultra-low dispersion hardware, CORTECS UPLC ® Columns enable higher peak capacities and thereby greater resolution and improved throughput. CORTECS Columns surpass ALL expectations.Learn more.

Chromatographic Society Martin Medals Awarded to Günther Bonn and Frantisek Svec
The 2013 Chromatographic Society Martin Medal was awarded to Günther Bonn of the University of Innsbruck and Austrian Drug Screening Institute (Innsbruck, Austria), and Frantisek Svec of the University of California at Berkeley and Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis Facility, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, California). More...
5 Years Free Access to CHROMacademy
To show our commitment to learning, we have decided to offer all university students and staff free access to CHROMacademy.  You are the future leaders and innovators of the scientific community, and by offering free access to CHROMacademy we hope to help you realize your potential.  This has been made possible by Agilent Technologies- the world’s premiere measurement company.Learn more.
Need Help With GC Troubleshooting?
A free interactive GC Troubleshooter is now available at CHROMacademy, sponsored by Thermo Scientific. In 3 simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues. It's completely free. More...
Application Note
Transferring method to LCMS
JE Young, JJ Pesek and MT Matyska, MicroSolv Technology Corporation
Transferring old HPLC methods to LCMS can be difficult. In this application we show how you can transfer a vitamins assay to LCMS. Read more
Featured Products
AXIA Preparative HPLC and SFC Columns from Phenomenex feature advanced packing and hardware technology that eliminates media bed collapse as a source of premature column failure in preparative columns. AXIA columns last longer than conventional prep columns – up to 1,000 cycles – while delivering unmatched reproducibility and efficiency. Learn More
First Refractive Index Detector for UHPLC
Wyatt Technology announces the immediate availability of the Optilab UT-rEX (UHPLC refractometer with EXtended range), the first RI detector specifically designed for use with UHPLC systems using columns packed with small beads. Using a combination of miniaturized components and cutting-edge semiconductor photodiode technology as well as proprietary computer algorithms, the UT-rEX presents a host of instrument firsts. Read more
Market Profile: GC-MS
Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) combines a gas chromatographic front-end separation with a mass spectrometer. For the most part, the gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers used are modular in design and can be separated relatively easily. GC-MS is the most widespread tandem technique in the analytical instrumentation industry and is employed in many different industries, particularly for environmental, chemical, and toxicological applications.Read more
New Webcasts
Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Herbal Products Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction with Triple Quadrupole
Wednesday, June 25, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CEDT.
As the human population grows and farm acreage shrinks, the use of pesticides has increased, in order to produce food efficiently. Regulatory organizations are therefore requiring manufacturers to present test data on pesticide levels in food to address public safety concerns. Sensitive and robust routine screening methods to analyze hundreds of potential contaminants are therefore necessary.
Editors' Series: A Generic HPLC-UV Platform Method for Cleaning Verification
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
11:00 AM EDT.
Tune in to learn about the development and qualification of a simple, 10-min generic HPLC-UV gradient method for quantitative assays used in cleaning verification in a pharmaceutical environment.
Editors' Series: Using SFC as the First Choice for Chromatographic Separations
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
11:00 AM EDT
Have you always wondered if SFC could help you solve your separation challenges? Attend this seminar to learn about the advantages and ease of SFC for handling difficult separations, such as the analysis of polar molecules.
Simply Intelligent: Chromatography Data System Software Goes Mass Spec
Thursday, July 25, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CEDT
This web seminar will showcase the integration of MS instrument control, and MS data processing and reporting, ultimately transforming Chromeleon CDS into a Chromatography and MS data system.
IC Assay Methods for Impurities, Degradation Products, and Counterions in Drug Substances and Drug Products
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CEDT
Ion chromatography is increasingly being adopted in the pharmaceutical market for assays and impurity tests. Learn how your lab can benefit from adopting ion chromatography to meet some of your pharmaceutical analysis needs.
Upcoming Events

25-28 June 2013
Air & Waste Management Association 106th Annual Conference
Chicago, IL
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30 June-3 July 2013
24th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
Bologna, Italy
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2-5 July 2013
In Vino Analytica Scientia
Reims, France
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4-17 July 2013
PREP 2013 - 26th International Symposium
Boston, MA
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7-10 July 2013
Chirality 2013
Shanghai, China
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13–16 July 2013
IFT’s 2013 Annual Meeting & Food Expo
Chicago, IL
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21–24 July 2013
50th Annual North American Chemical Residue Workshop
St. Pete Beach, FL
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28 July–1 August 2013
2013 AACC Annual Meeting
Houston, TX
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4–8 August 2013
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Meeting
Indianapolis, IN
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5–8 August 2013
2013 Analytical Land O'Lakes Conference: "Strategies for Analytical Excellence"
Madison, WI
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