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Contemporary Pediatrics eConsult

Contemporary Pediatrics eConsult

September 9, 2011


Alert: Watch out for flu in children with swine exposure

The CDC is warning pediatricians to be on the lookout for influenza in patients with recent exposure to pigs after 2 separate cases of swine-origin influenza were identified in children late this summer. Clinicians are being asked to speedily obtain an analysis and to consider starting the patient on antiviral treatment to quickly limit potential human transmission if a case is identified. Find out why these cases are different from other cases of animal-transmitted influenza. » More


Many parents don’t understand: Child obesity needs medical intervention

More than 90% of responding parents said that they would seek medical attention for a condition that would limit their child’s ability to play, reduce life expectancy, or increase future health care costs. Yet, only just more than half said they would seek medical attention for overweight or obesity—even though it’s been proven that obesity can cause those problems and more. Parents also had some surprising answers when asked which would be preferable: removal of the obese child from the home or bariatric surgery. » More


Have you seen a rise in the incidence of STIs in your patients aged 16 years and younger over the past year?

No, but there has been a rise in the incidence in older adolescents
There has been a rise in incidence across all age groups

Let us know what you are seeing by responding here.

To find out what percentage of providers know someone who refuses appointments for children on public assistance, click here.


Pediatricians face new challenges in hiring NPs, PAs

Many pediatricians, especially those in primary care, do not currently employ midlevel providers but do plan to add them, according to recent survey. However, hiring and retaining nurse practitioners and physician assistants will only get more difficult over the next few years, according to several reports that note that salaries are likely to skyrocket with the shortage of clinicians at that level. Can your practice stay competitive with current salaries and future increases? » More


Flu vaccination formulation from last year still essential for kids this year

The influenza vaccine’s formulation may be unchanged from last year, but immunity in children can decline precipitously without another dose this year, according to new recommendations. The good news is that kids aged 6 months to 8 years need only 1 dose if they were vaccinated last year; others in that age group still will require 2 doses. Find out what else the new recommendations have to say, especially about immunization for youngsters with egg allergies. » More

Just say no to antibiotics for most common respiratory ills

Pediatricians should just say no to drugs when considering prescribing antibiotics for conditions that don’t usually require them. That’s the position of public health officials who say that pediatricians are doing a better job of limiting antibiotic prescriptions but still have a way to go before reaching appropriate levels of use. Inappropriate use of antibiotics continues unabated in 3 of 5 acute respiratory infections. Find out which ones. » More


Rotavirus vaccine protection reaches far beyond infants receiving it

In a case of unintended consequences gone right, the benefit of vaccinating infants against rotavirus does more than protect them against a serious illness with a high hospitalization rate. It also helps prevent the disease in older children and adults who have not received the vaccine, according to a recent study. What were the “secrets and surprises” uncovered after introduction of the new vaccine? » More

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