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November 11, 2014





Spectroscopy Spotlight
XRF Analysis of Cultural Heritage Materials
Works of art often consist of multiple layers and can require several complementary techniques for complete analysis, and invasive sample preparation procedures and analysis techniques are not good choices. This interview with Dr. Karen Trentelman of the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) in Los Angeles, California, discusses her research with X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy for the study of cultural heritage materials such as paintings, sculptures, and illuminated manuscripts.
Featured Article
Measuring Orientation in Polymer Films
The mechanical properties of polymer films such as tensile strength and resistance to tearing depend strongly on the orientation of the polymer chains. Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy can be used to measure the degree of orientation both within the plane of the film and normal to it. MORE »
Featured Products
Teledyne CETAC Technologies QuickTrace™ M-8000 Mercury Analyzer
The QuickTrace™ M-8000 Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence mercury analyzer is ideal for ultra-trace to sub-ppm mercury quantitation. It is versatile enough to achieve detection limits < 0.05 ppt or analyze samples > 400 ppb without dilution. Read more
Time to reduce tough samples fast!
The McCrone Micronising Mill solves problematic preparation of solid samples for XRD or XRF spectroscopic analysis.
The McCrone mill:
  • Minimises sample damage and contamination
  • Ensures narrow range, reproducible, particle size
  • Has a 30 minute timer
  • Offers a choice of grinding elements
  • Grinds wet or dry
  • Is suitable for Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, Cement, Clay, Shale, Mica etc.
    For further information, please Click here
Benchtop WDXRF Elemental Analysis
Measure oxygen (O) through uranium (U) in solids, liquids, powders and alloys. Wavelength dispersive (WDXRF) technology for unsurpassed elemental resolving power and superior light element performance.Read more
Research-Grade Modular Spectrograph
Andor’s new Shamrock 193 mm focal length ‘imaging’ spectrograph is designed for UV-NIR low-light fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy applications. Wide-apertures slit, C-mount and ‘cage system’ accessories allow modular building of micro-spectroscopy setups.
Andor Technology, Belfast, UK; www.andor.com
ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer
The ChemReveal™ LIBS Desktop Analyzer offers rapid elemental analysis of solid materials. Based on advanced Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, the ChemReveal system is designed to analyze light elements (H, He, Li, Be…Mg, Al, etc.) and heavy metals simultaneously to determine bulk and trace element compositions. Read more
Quest ATR Accessory
The Quest ATR Accessory is a performance single-reflection ATR accessory from Specac designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared. With innovative optical design and durable monolithic diamond ATR crystal option, this sets the benchmark in performance and value for ATR spectroscopy. Read more
The Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ 80 NMR Spectrometer is a compact and affordable instrument that offers the chemistry education community an easy-to-operate, cryogen-free instrument.  Designed to be the world's highest resolution Benchtop NMR, the picoSpin 80 NMR Spectrometer features a 2 Tesla magnet that reveals chemical information not available using smaller magnetic fields. Read more
SERS Substrates
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates from Ocean Optics are highly sensitive, stable and reliable, delivering trace-level Raman spectroscopy measurement in applications including chemical analysis, explosives detection and contaminant screening. Read more
Microfocus X-ray Source
The iMOXS by IFG GmbH is a modular air-cooled, high-brilliance X-ray source incorporating a 30W microfocus ceramic sealed tube and optional capillary X-ray optics. This reliable device can be integrated into a variety of X-ray analytical systems and is also available as add on for a SEM. Read more
On Demand Webcast
Tip Enhanced Raman Imaging No Longer Purely A Research Technique
with Spectroscopy:

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