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October 14, 2014





Spectroscopy Spotlight
What New Methods to Measure Isotope Ratios Can Reveal About the Environment, Humans, and the Earth
Multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) has some specific advantages over traditional ICP-MS instruments. Because of its ability to measure high-precision isotope ratios, MC-ICP-MS shows promise for applications as diverse as tracing the transport of heavy metals into bivalves (oysters and mussels), studying isotopic variations of metals in the human body, and identifying the source of volcanoes. Spectroscopy recently spoke with Dominique Weis, PhD, a Canadian Research Chair, Tier I, and Director at the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR), in the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Columbia, about her research on this technique. MORE »
Dual View ICP-OES Minus the Wait
Introducing the Agilent 5100 ICP-OES.  Now you can run axial and radial view at the same time. Explore the fastest, most accurate dual view ICP-OES analysis ever. See how it works >>
Featured News
Upcoming Eastern Analytical Symposium Integrates Art and Science
The 2014 Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS), taking place November 17–19 in Somerset, New Jersey, promises attendees a comprehensive program of educational and networking opportunities for analytical scientists. In advance of the event, LCGC spoke to EAS President Ann Aubry, and EAS Program Chair Andrew V. Teplyakov about what attendees can expect this year. MORE »
New Agilent ICP-OES Troubleshooting and Maintenance Videos
The new Agilent ICP-OES Troubleshooting and Maintenance videos will help you improve the performance and productivity of your ICP-OES. View the four short videos to learn more about problem diagnosis, routine maintenance and receive practical tips to help you care for nebulizers, peristaltic pump tubing, spray chambers and torches. Ensure your ICP-OES always operates at peak-performance.
Watch the videos now.
Ellen V. Miseo Joins Spectroscopy's Editorial Advisory Board
Spectroscopymagazine is pleased to announce the addition of Ellen V. Miseo to its editorial advisory board. Miseo, who has practiced vibrational spectroscopy throughout her career, developed new instrumentation, commercialized new techniques, and anticipated new trends in the industry.
Savillex C-Flow PFA Concentric Nebulizers
The Savillex C-Flow PFA concentric nebulizer range comprises of microconcentric versions for low sample volume and free aspiration use, general purpose versions with demountable uptake lines, and desolvator versions optimized for use at high temperature. All feature superior performance and robustness, better reproducibility and longer lifetime.
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Featured Products
The Milestone DMA-80: Innovation Delivered
Download this LabNote if you’re looking for unsurpassed speed, efficiency and precision for mercury samples. The Milestone DMA-80 more than doubles the productivity of traditional cold vapor techniques at a fraction of the cost. Read More
Teledyne CETAC Technologies QuickTrace™ M-8000 Mercury Analyzer
The QuickTrace™ M-8000 Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence mercury analyzer is ideal for ultra-trace to sub-ppm mercury quantitation. It is versatile enough to achieve detection limits < 0.05 ppt or analyze samples > 400 ppb without dilution.
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SERS Substrates
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates from Ocean Optics are highly sensitive, stable and reliable, delivering trace-level Raman spectroscopy measurement in applications including chemical analysis, explosives detection and contaminant screening.Read More
Rigaku NEX CG using indirect excitation and polarizations brings the industry a simple means to measure sulfur and chlorine simultaneously while delivering the lowest chlorine detection limits by EDXRF. Read More
Microfocus X-ray Source
The iMOXS by IFG GmbH is a modular air-cooled, high-brilliance X-ray source incorporating a 30W microfocus ceramic sealed tube and optional capillary X-ray optics. This reliable device can be integrated into a variety of X-ray analytical systems and is also available as add on for a SEM. Learn More
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