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September 23, 2014





Meet the SciX Award Winners
In this special SciX issue of The Wavelength, we bring together interviews from our series of conversations with the winners of awards that will be presented next week at SciX 2014, the North American conference of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS).
Putting a Spectrometer on a Cell Phone
Will your next cell phone include a spectrometer? In this interview, Alexander Scheeline, the winner of a FACSS Innovation Award, talks about what is involved in creating such a device, and his work toward that end. MORE »
Analyze Composites and Polymers At-Site
Can you perform molecular surface analysis on composites and polymers without destroying the sample? Can you analyze your sample at-site? Agilent’s 4300 Handheld FTIR lets you perform powerful surface analysis when are where you need it. Show me proof. Read more
Understanding Biological Systems at the Quantum Level Using 2D Electronic Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy recently spoke to Greg S. Engel, who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago, and winner of a FACSS Innovation Award. Here, Engel discusses his research examining quantum dynamics in biology, chirality in dynamics, and the use of two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy. MORE »
Detectors and Light Sources for Spectrometers
Hamamatsu offers diverse components for spectroscopy, both standard and customized products. These include a large selection of detectors, light sources, and miniature spectrometers for UV-visible and Raman measurements; ion detectors for mass spectrometers; and detectors for infrared spectroscopy.
Read more
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Fundamental Research and Practical Application
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) enhances the Raman signal using molecules adsorbed on rough metal surfaces. This interview with 2014 Charles Mann Award winner Richard P. Van Duyne of Northwestern University discusses his group's work with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, single-molecule SERS, a SERS system for glucose analysis, and SERS as a method for analyzing colorants in artworks.
Introducing the new FluoroMax Plus: Highest performance compact fluorometer with the most extensive family of accessories!
  • The industry standard for bench-top research has reached a new level of performance.
  • Higher Sensitivity – Lower Noise: S/N of 16,000:1.
  • New grating turret allows addition of a second detector.
  • detectors out to 1.7 mm;
  • Optional lifetime accessory for lifetimes as short as 25 ps;
Read more
Seeing Things That Have Never Been Observed Before: Pushing the Limits of Mass Spectrometry
David E. Clemmer, the Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and the 2014 Anachem Award winner, has done extensive research to develop and improve ion trapping techniques and ion mobility spectrometry–mass spectrometry (IMS–MS) instruments to analyze biomolecular mixtures and structures. Spectroscopy recently spoke with Clemmer about this work. MORE »
Plan to attend SPIE DSS 2015 in Baltimore
SPIE DSS hosts the most important scientific conferences and exhibition on sensors, optics, imaging, lasers, and related technologies for defense, security, industry, health, and the environment. SPIE DSS is held annually in Baltimore, Maryland, where 6,000 scientists, researchers, program managers, and company reps gather to discover, learn, and do business. 20-24 April 2015.
Read more
A New Mass Spectrometry Method for Analyzing Complex Samples
Steven J. Ray, of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, has won the 2014 Lester W. Strock award for his work with a new form of mass spectrometry (MS) for analyzing complex samples: distance time-of-flight MS. In a new interview, Ray explains the technique, including how it differs from time-of-flight MS and when its use can be advantageous. MORE »
Improving Drug Formulation with Raman and IR Spectroscopy
The physicochemical properties of drugs are often very diverse and challenging to analyze. Spectroscopy recently spoke with Lynne Taylor of Purdue University, and the 2014 Coblentz Society Craver Award winner, about her on-going research using Raman and IR spectroscopy to study drugs and drug excipients — and the interactions of the two. MORE »
Featured Products
API Analysis in Pharmaceutical HME Products
Download the app note: Raman imaging can identify and verify components, contaminants, and provide important molecular and chemical structure information on active pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion products.Read More
PHOENIX II Benchtop Analyzer
Polarized ED-XRF is ideal for elemental analysis of liquids, solids, pastes, slurries and powders for measuring Al through U qualitatively and quantitatively. Unit is compact, low cost, simple to operate.www.ametekpi.com
Foster + Freeman ffTA multi-functional modular analysis system
The Foster + Freeman ffTA is a powerful multi-functional system that provides a range of analytical facilities on a single microscope operated through a single PC. A complete ffTA installation includes modules for multi-wavelength Raman, UV-Vis-IR spectrometry, fluorescence imaging, polarized light microscopy, image comparison and analysis, allowing the operator to extract the maximum amount of information from a sample in the shortest possible time.Read More
Frontier™ FT-IR Systems
PerkinElmer’s Frontier IR systems offer flexible system configurations in the near, mid and far-IR regions Systems support an extensive range of applications due to its superb sensitivity and configurability.Read More
Compact CCD Spectrometers
Mightex compact spectrometers feature an ultra precise stability and high resolution at a low cost. UV, visible, NIR, and broadband models are available with software and SDK included. Read More
Modular FT-NIR spectrometer provides reliable, efficient analysis for QC and R&D work in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food/beverage, and feed industries. We offer a wide range of product configurations to optimize method performance. Read More
MicroRaman Spectroscopy
Compact and affordable with research grade performance. uRaman-M integrates seamlessly with most upright Dark field, Polarization, DIC, Fluorescence Microscopes. Raman mapping available as optional. uRaman is available in 532nm, 633nm and 785nm as individual or multiple wavelengths. Read More
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