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September 18, 2014
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Featured Video

Is 2D LC Ready for Prime Time Analysis?
Two-dimensional LC has huge potential to increase the resolving power of separations involving complex samples. In this new video clip, Dwight Stoll of Gustavus Adolphus College, considers whether this technique is ready to be adopted by chromatographers working in industry. More...
EconoTrace® SPE System
A parallel SPE system that uses positive pressure pumping for precise and accurate delivery of the sample, conditioning, washing and elution solvents. Up to 8 extractions can run simultaneously. The system uses any spe cartridge size or type.   An economic solution for consistent, reproducible, high throughput extractions for pharmaceutical, food and water matrices. Learn More
The LCGC Blog

The LCGC Blog: So Just How Well Set-Up is Your UV Detector?
Most of us who have used UV detectors for HPLC analyses consider them very straightforward and find they produce fit for purpose data whenever we need them to. However, we may have simply learned to live with the level of performance we get from these instruments. Could we be doing better? Could we be getting better baselines, better sensitivity, or better reproducibility from our UV detectors without too much effort?. More...
Fast, Reliable Glycan Mapping
New Agilent AdvanceBio Glycan Mapping columns obtain high-resolution, reliable glycan maps in LESS THAN 10 MINUTES with 1.8 µm particles. 2.7 µm particles offer high resolution with lower backpressure, 1.8 µm for highest UHPLC resolution. Each batch of media is QA tested with a glycan sample to ensure consistent quality and robust performance. Glycan standards are available for performance testing and retention mapping.
Featured Article

Estimating Resolution for Marginally Separated Peaks
How can resolution be determined when peak width cannot be measured? LCGC Columnist John Dolan responds to reader inquiries on this issue. More...
Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Characterization
New RPC, HIC, IEX and SEC columns for analyzing antibody drug conjugates, include an advanced RPC polymer chemistry, PolyRP™-1000Å, available from The Nest Group, Inc.. For non-denaturing analyses, Zenix™ SEC, PolyPROPYL A™  HIC, and PolyCAT A® WCX columns separate aggregates, deamidation products or oxidized forms of your antibody.  Try one of our ADC characterization approaches today! The Nest Group, Inc. - "Not Just Columns ... Answers!"
LC Troubleshooting

Need Help with LC Troubleshooting?
A free interactive GC Troubleshooter is now available at CHROMacademy, sponsored by Thermo Scientific. In three simple steps you will overcome your instrument, separation, and quantitation issues. It's completely free. More...
5 Years Free Access to CHROMacademy
To show our commitment to learning, we have decided to offer all university students and staff free access to CHROMacademy. You are the future leaders and innovators of the scientific community, and by offering free access to CHROMacademy we hope to help you realize your potential. This has been made possible by Agilent Technologies- the world's premiere measurement company. Read more
Featured Products

Free Salt Variety Pack
Proven J.T.Baker® brand analytical salts deliver unmatched lot-to-lot consistency and interference-free chromatography separations. And for a limited time, get a free six-pack sampler with qualifying purchase.
Find out more.
LC-Pak™ Polisher
Designed for  applications such as ultra trace organic analysis by HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, and LC-MS/MS, the LC-Pak™ is a device made of C18 reversed phase porous granular silica material in a polypropylene housing.
Learn More
Featured Video
New Integrated HPLC Series

Combining outstanding, innovative functionality, an intuitive operating environment, and full automation, Shimadzu's new i-Series provides excellent performance and a more efficient workflow for conventional to ultra-high-speed analysis. Watch the video to learn more.
On Demand Webcast

Editors’ Series: Environmental Forensic Investigation of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Used in Shale Gas Wells in the Eastern United States
Turnkey LC-MS Methods for Multiclass Pesticide Analysis Using a Comprehensive Acquisition and Processing Database
How to Choose the Correct Sample Preparation Approach for Modern Analytical Applications Agilent Technologies
New Webcasts
Utilizing PepFinder Software for Interrogation of LC-MS Peptide Map Data of Biotherapeutics
Thursday, September 17, 2014 8:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM BST/ 5:00 PM CEST
Development and Applications of Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Chemical Contaminants in Foods
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 8:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM BST/ 5:00 PM CEST
Automated Solid Phase Extraction for the Environmental Testing Laboratory
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 8:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM BST/ 5:00 PM CEST
Next Generation UHPLC Technologies: Change the Landscape in LC
Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:00 am PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM BST/ 5:00 PM
Analytical Separation of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) Various Chromatographic Modes
Tuesday, September 30 2014 11:00 AM PDT/ 1:00 PM CDT/ 2:00 PM EDT